Hand in Hand

CJ’s Friends Scholarship Fund

In 2012 our oldest son CJ was diagnosed with sickle-beta thalassemia. We’ll never forget the pain of that day when the doctor told us that our son would most likely not see his 40th birthday and how there were going to be some long days ahead of us.

By the time he was 2 years old CJ had been hospitalized at least 20 times. In 2016 alone we almost lost him three times to splenic sequestration. He and many like him (his friends) have missed countless days of school and have battled many academic delays.

But CJ’s Friends are not forgotten. McFarland Christian Academy is a fully accredited, private online school staffed by certified and highly qualified teachers. We offer a unique blend of a homeschool setting with the structure of a Christian school.

And to all of CJ’s Friends these services will be offered for free.

The greatest way that we could ever service terminally and chronically ill children is to let them know that they are not forgotten.

We are committed to offering CJ’s Friends Individual Student Support Plans to accommodate their needs and hospital stays. They will receive credit on the days they are feeling great as well as the days they aren’t at 100%. They will receive regular check ins from our staff, get well packages and convenient access to a structured Christian school.

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Christian Curriculum in a Secular World

At McFarland Christian Academy (MCA), we provide an effective, efficient, and friendly user experience that was created just for Christian schools.

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.  -Habakkuk 2:2

We equip students to run the race and win by providing them with digital courses in six core subjects: Bible, math, science, language arts, and history and geography. A wide range of electives are also integrated into the curriculum. MCA does much more than deliver robust courses; it provides teacher, student, and administrative tools that streamline the academic process and promote individualized learning and digital literacy.

Based on experience gained by providing effective Christ-centered curriculum since 1977, our hand-picked curriculum provides solutions to both short and long-term challenges faced by Christian educators in this unique market.

Some of the most exciting components are:

  • Engaging fundamental course content
  • Biblical worldview
  • Interactive, student-driven lessons
  • Progressive scheduling and lesson planning
  • Built-in flexibility to accommodate differentiated learning
  • Unsurpassed administrative control
  • Strong, reliable security safeguards
  • Easy-to-use interface



PreSchool and Kindergarten Preparedness

There is no better way to start your child’s academic career than with McFarland Christian Academy. MCA is designed to help preschoolers from ages 3–6 prepare for Kindergarten and offers that strong academic foundation they’ll need for future years. Hand picked by highly qualified, certified teachers our dynamic  preschool curriculum:

  • Offers 800+ fun, safe, and easy-to-use games and activities
  • Includes core subjects: math, language arts, science, social studies, art, and music
  • Promotes mathematical reasoning, basic literacy, and scientific observation
  • Is based on the latest early learning research and is aligned with standards
  • Boosts early learning skills and sparks excitement in eager, young mind

Our online preschool is designed for 3- to 6-year-olds to use independently with minimal adult involvement needed. You and your child will both benefit from exploring the site together at first, including completing the interactive tutorial together the first time you log in. Soon thereafter, you should feel confident letting your child play on his or her own, monitoring from a distance while making dinner or doing chores.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be involved. To get the most from MCA, we encourage you to explore the stories, songs, games, and activities together. Ask questions, point out details, and encourage children to explain and elaborate on what they see, hear, and do.


Summer Success 2017

McFarland Christian Academy’s online summer school courses give students grades PreK-12, a chance to get ahead, catch up, or explore exciting electives. So whether they are at the library, the beach or the comfort of their living room your child will be a summer success.

We offer comprehensive courses in Math, Reading, Social Studies and Science. Each course is only $10 per week. Courses are 5-weeks long. Each course will include report cards and summer success certificates. You will be responsible for payment of the entire course and we’ll handle the rest.

Apply here for our 2017 Summer Success Program.